Cool Teen Bedrooms with Elegant Elements Design

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cool teen bedroom
cool bedroom with elegant wallpaper

Bedroom for teenager require different attention and care. Parent’s intervention probably has been reduced, so it is the time for the teenager to work on the design on him/herself.

There are actually some recommendations that can be implemented for the teenagers. Cool teen bedrooms are definitely recommended because it makes them cool as well. However, it is still unknown whether a particular design is cooler than the others.

Here will be given one cool design which is based on black and white color. This idea is very simple but meaningful. In addition, this idea is applicable for both classic and futuristic impression.

Teen Bedroom Design

cool teen bedroom design

Designing the wall as the background is crucial as it holds the basis of bedroom. Assuming the room is designed in rectangular compartment, the black paint will be used completely for a side that has no door or window. It will be used as background for creating a cool design.

The next thing to concern is to create a drawing that is cool enough in the black-painted wall. Cool teen bedrooms are then embellished with cool drawing that is based on vector art. For the image, it is up to the teenagers, but it is important to keep it black and white.

Meanwhile, it is also recommended to put a good multi-functional furniture that can hold various items the teenagers have. A chest-like storage with delicate and soft upholstery is good selection for making the furniture very useful.

It can be done simply by purchasing it. Do note that the upholstery is recommended to come in white while the chest comes in pitch black. It will create a harmony for emphasizing cool teen bedrooms.

Same thing is also applicable for the bed set, and it is a good procedure for making the bedroom cooler.

Lastly, it is all about additional small accessories. It is all completely up to the teenagers though.

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